In 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (formerly the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities) allocated a Productivity and Innovation Fund grant to a team of eight Ontario universities: University of Windsor, Western University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo, University of Guelph, Ryerson University, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Brock University. Queen’s University also participated in this initial survey design and piloting. Having received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant in 2016, the team, with the addition of the University of Calgary, continues to collaboratively explore ways of assessing and enhancing teaching culture of higher education.

Erika Kustra, PhD (Lead Researcher)
            Director, Teaching and Learning Development
Centre for Teaching and Learning
University of Windsor
University of Windsor logo
Ken N. Meadows, PhD (Co-Investigator / Statistical Analysis)
Educational Researcher, Teaching and Learning Services
Western University

Debra Dawson, PhD (Co-Investgator)
Director, Teaching and Learning Services
Chair, Educational Developers Caucus
Western University
Western University logo
Lori Goff, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Director, Paul R. MacPherson Institute for Leadership,
Innovation and Excellence in Teaching
McMaster University
McMaster University logo
Peter Wolf, MAdEd (Co-Investigator)
Higher Education Consultant
Donna Ellis, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence
University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo logo
Jill Grose, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Past Director,Centre for Pedagogical Innovation
Brock University

Madelyn Law, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Director, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation
Brock University

Lindsay Shaw, MA  (Project Coordinator)
Academic Advisor, Department of Sociology
Brock University
Brock University logo
Paola Borin, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Curriculum Development Consultant
Ryerson University
Ryerson University logo
Joseph Beer, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Director (Acting), Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence
Wilfrid Laurier University
Laurier University logo
Lynn Taylor, PhD (Co-Investigator)
Past Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning
University of Calgary

Past Contributors

Nadia Timperio, MA (Project Coordinator)
University of Windsor

Sandy E. Hughes, MA, MEd (Co-Investigator)
Director, Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence
Wilfrid Laurier University

Catharine Dishke Hondzel, PhD (Research Associate / Site Coordinator)
Research and Curriculum Officer, Huron University College
Research Coordinator, Teaching Support Centre
Western University

Florida Doci (Research Coordinator)
Research Coordinator, Centre for Teaching and Learning
University of Windsor

Jake Kaupp, PhD (Data Visualizer)
Queens University

Western University Research Assistant
Kathryn Hensen

University of Calgary Research Assistants
Martine Dennie, PhD Candidate
Hamid Akbary, PhD Candidate

University of Waterloo Research Assistants
Kristin Brown, PhD
Ginny Wong 

Ryerson University Research Assistant
Tesla Brownlee

McMaster University Research Assistants
Hannah MacDougall
Danielle Gabay (Site Coordinator)
Rebeca Lee
Naseem Sherwani
Abeer Siddiqui
Melec Zeadin

Queen’s University Research Assistants
Lindsay Doucet, MPA

University of Windsor Research Assistant
Jade Roy
Samantha Burton
Carly Del Pup
Hoda Eiliat
Kaitlyn Gillard