Windsor-Oakland Ninth Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning: Leading Change in Teaching and Learning: Vision, Influence, Action

TITLE: Leading Educational Change Through Documenting and Transforming Institutional Teaching Culture

AUTHORS: Florida Doci, Kaitlyn Gillard, Hoda Eiliat, Erika Kustra (University of Windsor)

ABSTRACT: Institutional culture helps define the nature of reality for the educators and learners within the institution, providing a lens through which its members assign value to the various events and efforts (Berguist & Pawlak, 2008). The success of educational leadership initiatives is influenced by the context of an institutional culture. Students in particular have an influential role and insight on institutional culture, and can be a powerful factor on the ongoing enhancement of teaching and learning, and embedded leadership.

This workshop provides an overview of a project by nine Ontario institutions, working collaboratively to develop indicators and a survey tool that will help define and assess the value placed on an institutional teaching culture. Participants will explore some of the indicators of a teaching culture; consider how teaching is valued in their own environment and how culture impacts leadership; and suggest ways to involve students in enhancing a teaching culture.

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