Designed as a companion resource to the ITCP surveys, the Effective Practices for Improving Teaching Culture Online Repository is a compilation of practices gathered from a diverse range of institutions that provide ideas for how we might strengthen a particular lever to enhance teaching culture. Some of the practices identified will have been formally assessed for their impact; some are applications of established theory or research evidence; while others represent the wisdom of practice developed in an individual institution or discipline.

  • Lever 1: Institutional Strategic Initiatives and Practices Prioritize Effective Teaching - Effective Practice: Faculty Teaching Chairs
  • Lever 2: Assessment of Teaching is Constructive and Flexible - Effective Practice: Peer Teaching Observations
  • Lever 3: Effective Teaching is Implemented - Effective Practice: Instructional Skills Workshops
  • Lever 4: Infrastructure Exists to Support Teaching - Effective Practice: Collaborative Study Spaces
  • Lever 5: Broad Engagement Occurs Around Teaching - Effective Practice: Students as Partners Initiatives
  • Lever 6: Effective Teaching is Recognized and Rewarded - Effective Practice: Teaching and Learning Grants

This project represents a collaboration of multiple institutions dedicated to facilitating change in teaching and learning within our organizations. Our educational communities will have the opportunity to contribute to and access the repository of effective practices to inform their own work in teaching and learning development. It is expected to particularly benefit practitioners and professional associations supporting teaching and learning, as well as academic administrators in post secondary institutions who need access to better information to make evidence-informed decisions.

This project was exempted from REB approval at Brock University (REB #18-072). If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact the principal investigator, Dr. Jill Grose, Director of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, Brock University at

This project was funded by an Educational Developers Caucus Grant of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Final Repository (as of June 2021)

Practices in the repository were submitted from November 2018 to July 2019.