Windsor-Oakland Eighth Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning: Empowering Students to Learn

TITLE: Teaching Culture Indicators: Valuing and Enhancing Quality Teaching in Higher Education

AUTHORS: Florida Doci, Hoda Eiliat, Kaitlyn Gillard, Samantha Burton, Erika Kustra (University of Windsor)

ABSTRACT: Quality teaching is critical in an academic environment with an increasing pressure to develop metrics and quality assurance systems. A culture with improved teaching quality is likely to improve student learning (Cox et al., 2011), but in order to better understand the influence of culture on teaching, we need specific, measurable indicators. Eight institutions received funding from a Ministry Productivity Innovation Fund grant, and developed a Teaching Culture Perception Survey (Hanard & Roseveare, 2012). Two versions of the survey were designed, one for students and one for instructors and administrators, to identify each group’s perception of their institution`s teaching culture. The surveys were piloted, and focus groups were run at three institutions: Windsor, Western, and McMaster. The initial data analyses are included. Additional research explored other possible indicators of institutions’ teaching culture. The goal is to develop a process that enables institutions to build a culture that values teaching.

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AWARDED: Dr. Wilbert J. McKeachie International Poster Prize